Summer 2017 – Electronics Projects

Seven segment display

My first full (soldered and no exposed wires) electronics project that I wanted to tackle was a digital alarm clock with full functionality. I broke this project up into different sections as I came across different obstacles. One stipulation for this project is I wanted to use regular red LEDs – so no pre-made seven segment display modules. Step one of the project was to figure out how to display these numbers.

The code can be viewed at:


Buzzer Music

With plans to build a fully-functional digital clock, one of the things I needed was an alarm. I chose a piezo buzzer for the noise-making aspect. When learning how to use it, I learned that the buzzer could play sounds at different frequencies. After teaching myself some basic sheet music reading and looking up a table of note frequencies, I made a few different proof of concept songs. (Mary Had a Little Lamb, Amazing Grace)
The code can be viewed at:

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