Spring 2017 – Robot Design project

Ocean Networks Canada had a project that they posed to us: They needed an underwater robot that could connect a cable from the source to a target.

For the scope of this project, our goal was to make a robot based out of VEX components that could connect a loop of string onto a hook of an IR-emitting beacon without moving the beacon, dragging its wheels, or using excessive force (since these actions could damage the fragile underwater ecosystem or the delicate sensors). The code had to be based around the Finite State Machine model.

The code for this project can be viewed at: https://github.com/fwacer/vex-robot-2017.git


Key points of interest:

  • 2 IR sensors in the wood block at the front.
  • 3 limit switches spaced around the front for obstacle detection
  • 1 arm with a hook for lowing the loop of “cable” onto the target hook
  • Drive mechanism is two front drive wheels with one back steer wheel.

View the report here on how my team and I evaluated my robot and other designs.

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